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Stoke Bishop Computer Repair Services

BCS are 2 mins drive away from Stoke Bishop, and can offer excellent service to this area, we already have several customers and we can offer references on request.

Stoke Bishop is a vibrant area, with many business owners and professionals living there.

Case Study...

A financial advisor recently found Bristol Computer Support and called us in to resolve some computer problems he'd been having. He also wanted us to look at his setup and see what he could do better. The business was in early startup, but he was already employing additional staff.

Existing Setup:
His office is in a detached garage that had been converted. There are two laptops, both with 17" screens running Vista Home Premium and Windows 7 Home Premium. The house broadband was with Virgin, and the laptops connected to the internet using a WiFi network.

The PCs could not share files or printers. The WiFi network was at it's physical limit to offer good signal to the laptops. The two laser printers were connected via USB to one laptop.

Stoke Bishop Computer Repair

What BCS did...

We relocated the WiFi router back to where the customer wanted it, into his living room. Using the existing hole drilled by Virgin TV, we ran a network lead, completely out of sight, around the back of the house and into the office. We supplied a very low cost network switch, and this gave all the devices direct cabled access to a Local Network and to the Internet.

The printers were both capable of being plugged directly into the network. We setup them up this way and now both laptops can print to either printer, without relying on a PC being left on.

We configured a shared area on the main laptop, securely allowing the other laptop to work on the same "Company Folders". We advised a backup strategy that cost the customer nothing, no additional hardware or contracts. Both laptops were cleaned and AV installed. Updates were applied, and some useless software was removed.



We may install a server onto the network, or perhaps a fixed IP desktop that will remain in the office and be treated as a server. Possibly with offsite backups, or at least an image backup software tool. If WiFi is needed for iPhones, or laptop usage, a low cost WiFi access point could be supplied and installed.


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