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Bristol Home & Business Computer Support
Bristol PC Repair - Home Computer Support Services

Bristol Computer Support offer specific support services for home users based in the Bristol area. Home support, where we visit your house and fix your computer problems at your convenience.

There is a whole range of issues we can solve.

Recover email, photos and files from failed Windows installations.
Replace hard drives and then reinstall the whole PC or laptop.
Fix malware or virus infected PCs or laptops.
Upgrade PCs or laptops with larger hard drives or more ram.
Solve Windows errors, or installation issues with software.
Transfer files, photos, email and settings from old computer to new.
Backup systems and advice.
Training - in anything you need on the PC or laptop
The lists goes on.....

Home PC systems can be just as complicated as business computer systems. A home now has a telephone line with internet access, or perhaps cable internet. So you will have a firewall/router/WiFi device. You may need support for these devices, plus support for the PC and email. Bristol Computer Support can help setup the router with WiFi. Our visit can include installing free antivirus or malware programs. Indeed all or most of the visit can work out free with the software that you will not need to purchase.

Antivirus and anti-malware are separate items, but very important for the home user. Support in setting these two up will speed up your PC and keep your PC and your data safe.

Bristol Computer Support also setup systems to protect children. We are able to limit internet access to certain times, or to prohibit certain types of website. This software is either free or very low cost. Please call us for more information.


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