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Windows Server 2003 General Troubleshooting  

1. When did the issue occur? Did this issue happen immediately after installing the server operating system? If the server was working from installation, have you done anything recently that may have triggered this problem?

2. Sometimes event issues do not impact the server. When your issue happens, which part of the server operation is effected?

3. Does the event happen at the same time everytime, or when a particular tasj is run?.

4. Most of the issues are caused by third party software and or the hard disk. I recommend (on the server main screen).

a. Start-Run, type MSCONFIG and click OK.

b. In the System Configuration Utility select "Startup" tab.

c. Clear all the check marks from the list box under "Startup". Take notes to put them back on later.

d. Click the Services tab, check the "Hide all Microsoft Services" box. We need those to keep running. Click the "Disable All" button to disable the non-Microsoft services. If we find the trouble, we can switch them on a few a time later to see what is causing the issues.

e. Close the MSConfig window and restart your server.

f. Test to see if the issue still occurs.

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